Why ABM means more ROI for B2B

Marketing campaigns, even with the increasingly important role data plays, can be more art than science. Messaging is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, and every element of the marketing funnel needs to be planned, tracked, and accounted for.

As a result, ROI for marketing campaigns is not always easy to track. While brand awareness ads and other activities are important for brand image and success in crowded verticals, marketing efforts don’t always show immediate, tangible, ROI. That’s where Account-Based Marketing (ABM) comes in, and that’s why it is important to B2B marketers.

ABM is an approach that joins sales and marketing teams for the goal of targeting the most important and convertible prospects. Since ABM campaigns and executions are based on feedback from sales alongside collaboration with the marketing team, companies can craft multi-touch messages likely to grab attention and convert to a close.

With all the emerging channels at a marketer’s disposal, there is a desire to fill every channel with every possible message variant. And while that creates more opportunity, it also creates more noise. ABM offers a more surgical approach to closing deals and obtaining real, sustainable, and trackable ROI from your marketing spend. New platforms and technologies have made ABM campaigns much easier to execute, especially when you have the right data profiles to target, and when those target addresses are accurate and up to date.


Below are just a few ways that ABM can improve not only the tenor of your marketing, but also your sales.

Trackability and results

Put simply, because you are targeting a specific audience with a clear message and call-to-action, ABM campaigns show you palpable ROI because you can track what you spent vs how much you closed based specifically on that campaign.

Your campaigns won’t be easy to ignore

Personalization and relevance is at the heart of ABM campaigns, so you are much more likely to connect in a meaningful way with a real person, provided your data is good.

You can leverage technology so your marketing team can focus on the big picture

Rather than exhausting your marketing team by asking them to create messages for broad, medium, small, and even smaller audiences you can work with the team alongside a CRM platform to plan and tier messages intended for a specific target.

Sales and marketing will be in lock step

Ordinarily, the value of a “lead” is debatable or can be called into question. But when sales and marketing partner on ABM campaigns everyone has a clear picture of the plan, the message, and the end goal.

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