The Future Is DX

By now you know about Stirista’s new B2B division, AccessB2B, which helps B2B marketers and sales professionals with identity-level targeting data, CTV-powered ABM campaigns, and site matchback-enabled attribution, all in one platform.

AccessB2B enables a complete view of the details that make your prospects individuals, from their interests to their financial details. We don’t become different people when we leave the office —  personal traits influence buying decisions. We also offer access to 400+ consumer traits, including hobbies, financial backgrounds, and social media profiles. And now we’re excited to be rolling out DX, the self-serve engine that will give you direct access to our suite of sales and marketing tools.

Stay tuned to this site, as well as following AccessB2B on social media for more announcements, but for now, we wanted to share with you just some of the exciting features you can expect: 

  1. Audience Builder for large scale audience creation (including ABM file uploads and interactive Geography selection map)
  2. Quick Search for targeted B2B contact prospecting (plus pattern-derived email generation option)
  3. Chrome Browser Extension (LinkedIn Prospecting and Firmographic Summaries)
  4. Unified Data Management Module and Team Collaboration (including Salesforce push integration)
  5. The ability to upload and enhance First Party Data (Local File, Amazon S3, Google Drive)

Siloed data isn’t just inconvenient–it hides insights, builds walls between sales and marketing, and obscures opportunities to generate revenue. The Data Management tool in our DX Platform integrates your first and thirdparty data into a single, unified hub for CRM development and campaign execution. It also offers complete user account control and collaboration features for enterprise, or businesses of any size. 

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