Business data that goes beyond the business card

The Stirista B2B Identity Graph is a comprehensive identity-level contact database of over 60 MM multifaceted professional personas and a company-level database of over 17 MM individual business locations. Get in touch with one of our data scientists today to find out how our full-funnel B2B data solutions can help fill your pipeline and grow your revenue.

The B2B Access Database

Comprehensive business intelligence from macro to micro, and everything in between

Whether you need large scale targeting for lead-gen, or micro-level intelligence for hypertargeted ABM, the B2B Access database is your final stop for the data behind your next campaign. Available insights include company data, firmographics, contact data, social data, tech, intent, and over 400 consumer data points. The resulting multifaceted profiles give you unprecedented targeting options that span beyond traditionally siloed datasets.

OMNA Identity Graph

IP addresses, CTV IDs, and more, all mapped to B2B data in real time

There’s a reason contact-level IP targeting and CTV ads haven’t hit B2B yet–nobody has had the data. Until now, at least. Our OMNA Identity Graph maps hundreds of identifiers across millions of online, offline, personal, and B2B personas. And because 90-day updates are just another way of saying your data is stale for months at a time, OMNA updates in real time.

  • Updates in real time, so your data is always accurate. And we actually mean real time, with no asterisks or fine print
  • Maps B2B data to IP addresses and CTV IDs, enabling you to target prospects across platforms that have been traditionally neglected in B2B

You’re more than your job title. So are your prospects.

With more professionals working at home than ever, the line between an individual’s professional and consumer personas is becoming increasingly blurred. StiristaLink–our proprietary B2B-B2C linkage–enables you to develop a complete view of the interests, financials, and demographics that make your prospects unique. We don’t become different people when we leave the office, and consumer traits influence buying decisions. So we also give you access to over 400 consumer traits, including hobbies, financial backgrounds, and social media profiles.

  • Build personalized ABM campaigns around consumer traits
  • Target your prospects at their home offices
  • Increase your onboarding match rates with consumer emails
Contact Data

Contact-level data that helps you reach prospects the way they want to be reached.

Do you prefer receiving emails or cold calls? Your prospects likely prefer emails as well. That’s why we built our contact data around confirmed email addresses to help you skip the cold calling and build relationships the right way. We constantly test our email addresses in our own campaigns of billions of email sends per month, to maximize deliverability and weed out spam traps. In addition to email, we give you access to job details, level, social handles, and much more to help you make sure you are contacting the right people in your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Over 60 million contacts available
  • Insights include every facet of prospects’ professional personas
  • Verified email addresses so you can skip the phone and contact prospects the way they want to be contacted
Intent Data

Social intent data that fuels the bottom of your funnel.

We have developed a proprietary method of mining social handles and keyword data to generate scale and niche audiences. By harnessing the ability to create matches between individual social handles and their online behaviors (along with offline individual identifiers), you can better understand, target and create higher conversion rates from your omnichannel campaigns.

  • Choose from over 65 off-the-shelf categories or create a new one of your own
  • Generate better quality leads by qualifying with intent
  • Target specific decision makers when they are in-market
Company Firmographic

Effective sales and marketing starts with the right target accounts. We have detailed intelligence on over 17 million of them.

AccessB2B’s company-level firmographic data helps sales and marketing teams identify best-fit target accounts with a level of precision that used to be limited to hand-assembled lists. We have the data to help you start on the right foot, with complete company-level details that range from location, industry, and employee count to revenue and social handles. But we also give you access to deeper insights, including the technologies they use and vendors they work with.

  • Select best-fit accounts from over 17 million businesses
  • Gain insights that used to be limited to hand-assembled account lists
  • Include technology usage and vendor relationships in your targeting
Technology Data

Transforming Billions of Data Points into Unique Business Identities & Attributes

Every Access B2B record begins its life on a trip through our Data Tech Platform. Our platform engine ingests and processes over 1 billion raw data attributes every month before cleansing, standardizing, and matching those points through identity resolution rules and algorithms. Unique self-referencing databases enhance our match rates, giving you access to comprehensive profiles that drive results, whether its lead gen, sales prospecting, or ABM.

  • Gain valuable insights into the tech stacks your target accounts are using