Bringing B2B to connected TV screens

Addressable CTV advertising is one of the biggest B2B innovations in the last decade–your competitors just don’t know it yet. With the B2B groupthink focused elsewhere, going all in on CTV will get your message in front of prospects on a critical channel while the competition is still marketing like it’s 2019. It’s an opportunity that comes once every decade, and our CTV solutions are tailormade to help you capitalize on it.

Easy Integration

Plug CTV into your existing demand gen and ABM framework

Our Identity Graph has over 500 million CTV devices, all mapped to real identities. What does that mean for you? We make it easy to add CTV solutions to your existing marketing mix, helping you target the same people you’re already targeting across existing channels.

  • Elevate your existing strategies with B2B’s top emerging channel.
  • Expand your channel mix to true omnichannel.

CTV-Generated Intelligence

See who’s watching, what they’re watching, and where they’re watching it.

Our Identity Graph contains real-time IP information, giving you a deeper level of insight that can help inform your other marketing channels. We know what platforms and devices people are using, as well as their preferred programs and genres, enabling us to run tune-in campaigns and provide meaningful data for research purposes.

  • Access comprehensive viewing data across connected and linear TV programming.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your B2B prospects for more organic personalization.
  • Drive better targeting across demand gen and ABM efforts.