Access our data on your terms with flexible–and powerful–delivery methods

The B2B Access Database

Real world use cases with real world results

Having great data is meaningless if you can’t get it where you need it, when you need it. We understand–we use our own data for our own marketing. That’s why we apply the same level of expertise that’s made our data the leading B2B identity tool to our activation methods.

Data Licensing

On-premise file solutions

Whether you’re looking to start a prospect database from scratch or enhance incomplete information in your CRM or martech platform, our on-premise file solutions give you access to complete, identity-level and firmographic data that stays on your own servers.

Syndicated Audiences

Choose from hundreds of handcrafted B2B segments

Need to get your ads off the ground as quickly as possible? Our pre-built syndicated audiences make it easy to run your ads on the industry’s best B2B data in just a couple of clicks. Tested and verified across thousands of successful campaigns, our syndicated audiences are available in every major data marketplace.

Real-time API solutions

Supercharge your web inquiries with real-time validation

Struggle with balancing form fatigue with getting enough prospect information to craft effective reach outs? Our API delivery solutions fill in the blanks for leads from form fills in real time, as they come in, saving your SDRs and marketers valuable research time and loading your CRM with the personalized details that are a requirement for modern sales and marketing efforts.

Custom Audiences

Target B2B prospects across digital spaces with our custom audiences

Push your B2B campaigns into omnichannel territory with our custom audiences. We can onboard your existing campaign targets and help you expand your targeting across social, display and OTT/CTV.

Salesforce App

Access complete contact and account profiles without ever leaving Salesforce

Our Salesforce app, Stirista Prospector, makes it easy for your sales team to access our industry-leading prospecting data directly in your CRM. With just a few clicks, your team can search for new accounts and contacts, or directly enhance your existing accounts and contacts with information from our 60MM-record professional database. Boost your sales growth and enhance your sales team’s productivity.