Business Etiquette to WFH Gifting

Living through the past two years, everyone is aware of how rapidly the world is changing around us. More and more businesses are changing to full or hybrid work-from-home models. So how do you show how much you appreciate your professional contacts this holiday season? The classic fruit and chocolate basket just won’t do now that you don’t know when people will be back in the office. You don’t really want your client coming back to find a basket full of mold, do you? Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts for your gift giving this year!

– DON’T send gifts out like nothing has changed in the past year. Business is always evolving, this was bound to happen eventually.

– DO acknowledge that things have changed and it has been hard on a lot of people. Being as accepting and welcoming as you can is one of the smartest things you can do nowadays.

– DON’T just send a gift with a business card. That can feel a bit impersonal.

– DO send a nice personalized note. It lets someone know that you took the time out of your busy schedule to do something extra for them.

– DON’T send out restaurant specific gift cards. Not everyone is going to have access to certain places or want to venture out of their way to use it.

– DO give the gift of delivery service gift cards. Everyone loves the gift of sloth and I’ve yet to hear someone complain about not having to make dinner.

– DON’T send out Amazon gift cards. It can be a bit impersonal.

– DO gift debit cards. Many people have friends or family that have started side businesses in the past year. Most of them will accept debit cards over Amazon gift cards.

– DON’T send a copy and pasted email. No one wants a cold touch this winter.

– DO send something nice and personal. Everyone needs a little familiarity after being cooped up for so long. Do your best to spread it this year!

– DON’T send clothing, and definitely DON’T guess somebody’s size. I think we can all relate after the least year or so?