After nearly three decades at the top, email still reigns

It may not be the flashiest channel, and “email” might lack the charisma of whatever buzzword the consultants are throwing around this week, but as marketing trends come and go, one thing remains constant: if you want to generate revenue, start sending emails. Why? It works. It’s still the ROI winner for personalized marketing as Americans check their email up to 80 times per day. And while Millennials continue to #deletefacebook, over 73% say they prefer being contacted through email.

Email Marketing

Email still reigns. And we know email.

Between our in-house deployment infrastructure and identity-level targeting data, we can reach professionals with a deliverability rate of over 90%. With optional creative services, our email creative specialists can build custom emails that not only support your brand with striking graphics, but also drive purposeful responses through expertly placed calls to action. And in an industry rife with fake open rates and outright fraud, Stirista offers timely and fully-transparent reporting.


Programmatic CTV: Supercharge your ABM campaigns with B2B’s newest essential

The channel may date back to the 1990s, but under the hood you’ll find data that is pure 2020s. Gone are the days in which you had to rely on saturation targeting to reach a select few target prospects. We enable you to create email audiences around hundreds of details across your prospects’ professional and personal lives. Are your top prospects HR directors at Fortune 500 brands by day and fitness enthusiasts by night? We can (and have) created segments for that. Want to try the numbers approach and target every marketing director in the country? We can do that too.

  • Hundreds of selectable data points across professional and personal personas
  • Available microtargeted segments for the most granular targeting

The missing link in the omnichannel chain

Omnichannel marketing has been shown to boost revenue by up to 15%. But if your ABM or demand gen efforts don’t have email, they aren’t omnichannel. That’s why we make it easy to build omnichannel strategies around our email audiences or plug email into your existing targeting.

  • Retarget to your email openers
  • Onboard email addresses for targeting across display, social, and CTV ads


Billions of emails sent and still over 90% deliverability

Between our in-house deployment infrastructure and identity-level targeting data, we can reach professionals with a deliverability rate of over 90%. When you put our data to work, any emails you send are campaign verified and approved. We suppress complaining recipients and remove bad addresses so the emails you send arrive with a higher likelihood of being opened.

  • Your delivery gets optimized in real time
  • No wasted sends, thanks to our ongoing verification
  • Rotating IP polls and proprietary platform tech enhances inbox delivery


Timely and transparent reporting. No bots. No fraud.

The email industry is unfortunately rife with fake open rates, cheap bot traffic, and outright fraud. If you’ve ever received a report showing padded stats and implausible clickthrough rates accompanied by no observable human activity after that, you probably know what we’re talking about. It has wasted an untold amount of ad spend and even led to the shutdown of major email firms. For over a decade, our parent company, Stirista, has taken a hard stand against email fraud and we’re taking that fight to B2B with transparent reporting and an unwavering promise to deliver the truth.

  • Every email launch includes a full set of timely and detailed reporting
  • Measure past simple open rates to conversions and revenue-generating activity across touchpoints
  • No guaranteed open rates–we let the results speak for themselves